About Us

We're not your typical agency

Foundry 503 was born out of a passion for the work we do. We’re creatives at heart. We love designing, developing, and photographing.

While Foundry officially opened for business in 2018, the team behind it has been in the game for years. We're based in Portland, Oregon and collectively, we’ve worked with global brands and small, local businesses. We’ve been designing for the web for over a decade, and developing for even longer. Along the way, we’ve captured literally hundreds of thousands of photos.

Now, we’re taking all of our skills and experience and bringing them directly to you. We’re not your typical agency. We’re a team of 3. We’re dedicated to the work, so we save time and money by streamlining the process.

That’s our approach - and we recognize that it’s not for everyone. If you need a large, offsite team to support your project, we’re not the agency for you. But if you want your investment to go further while maintaining the level of quality you’d expect from a larger agency, then let’s chat. Because that’s what we’re all about.

Meet the Team

Joshua Chang

Joshua Chang


Josh is a self trained (read rule breaking) photographer that takes a photo journalistic in the moment street photographer approach to how he shoots. Josh always looks to create content that best tells the story of his client, placing brand before personal style.

Josh doesn't just like food and wine, he $%@#ing loves them. Having spent time managing restaurants, working in wine distribution, helping with harvest, pouring tastings, buying wine, and serving at a wine bar he brings a unique perspective to shooting within the industry.

Josh fancies himself a polymath or renaissance person; photographer, sound engineer, oenophile, ambitious home cook, server, wanderer, board gamer and troublemaker (real talk: he's just overly busy and a little sleep deprived).

Erica Nafziger

Erica Nafziger

Design, Development, & Photography

Erica taps into her background in design, photography, and web development to help bring to life a variety of projects. You might find her designing and coding your site, or taking your wedding photos. No matter which medium she picks up today, she loves what she's doing and wouldn't have it any other way.

When Erica's not pushing pixels around a screen, you can find her climbing rock walls, fawning over dogs, or curled up with a good book.

David Zumini

David Zumini

Design & Development

David combines nearly two decades of history in web development with his professional career in user experience and design. He works on everything from designs, development, UX research and audits, A/B testing, and more. Occasionally, you’ll spot him behind the lens of a camera, but he plays much more of a supporting role with photography (read: he changes lenses and carries gear…).

When he’s not behind a computer, David enjoys traveling, playing board games with friends, sipping on a fine Scotch, and as many camping trips as the summer allows for.

Our Office & Studio

Our office is also our studio. Conveniently located on SE Division Street, we’ve designed it to be bright, modern, and flexible. The intent was to create a space that can transform from office work to photography studio to small event venue quickly and easily. It even features a fully-functional kitchen, ensuring food photography in the studio is at its freshest.

We regularly schedule photography sessions in our space. If you have a product you need photographed in a studio environment or would like headshots, let us know! And we’re always open to other unique ways to share and utilize our space, so if you have something creative in mind we’d love to hear it.

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