PDX2Go Is Now Offline

Looking Back at a Year of "2Go"

After nearly a year, we've decided to shutter the "2Go" sites. It was always our plan to shut down the sites as things returned to normal...

And while that may still be a ways out, as time has gone on and things have changed their usefulness has waned. For a full explanation of what this project was and why we're closing it down, read on.

2020 was a rough year. For many, things got quite real mid-March, when stay-at-home orders started coming in. This impacted all of us in different ways, but those in the restaurant industry were hit particularly hard. Dining in quickly went from ill-advised to not allowed, forcing restaurants to rely on takeout and delivery orders. 

It became a bit of a confusing time, as established directories like Google Maps and Yelp had not yet been updated to help convey which restaurants were open and which were doing takeout, delivery, or both. In that confusion, we saw an opportunity to help out. 

In a whirlwind day of development, we built PDX2Go - a free directory designed to help promote local businesses offering takeout and delivery. Over the next few days we continued to optimize the site and add in initial listings. It took off almost immediately, gathering hundreds of submissions and tens of thousands of visitors.

Before long, we were contacted by friends and strangers in other cities - Seattle, San Diego, and more - all looking to replicate the concept in their area. We were happy to share our work and hopefully help more businesses in more areas. We were even able to expand to all of Oregon, adding a few hundred more businesses to our home state.

While it's difficult to know what impact this all had, we sincerely hope it helped connect people with local businesses to support. As time has gone on, however, larger directory sites like Google Maps and Yelp have added features highlighting takeout and delivery options and ordering to go has become the norm for many. These sites have a much wider reach and are updated more regularly, and visits and submissions to our sites started to decline. At this point, we've decided to shut down our efforts now that there are more resources available and many people are used to this temporary norm.

We would be remiss to close this post and these sites without a huge thank you to everyone who helped it all come together. In addition to our own efforts, we received a lot of help adding listings from our family and friends. The team at Statamic was kind enough to donate licenses so we could build the sites rapidly and efficiently on their CMS. Our new friends at the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association helped manage the subsequent Oregon2Go site. And our friends in other cities helped bring this concept to even more communities. 

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about the site and support our local businesses!

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