Ratio Coffee

On-Demand Design, Development, & Marketing

Ratio is all about making great coffee. The Portland-based company produces premium coffee makers that look beautiful while brewing the perfect cup.

Their products are available from several retail partners with physical locations; however, their own storefront is entirely digital. With the website as the primary location for their customers, the Ratio team approached us to help manage their online presence.

Ongoing Optimization

Our work with Ratio is ongoing and ever evolving. Each month, we work with their team to prioritize new features, seasonal changes, and support for any upcoming campaigns.

But we’re doing much more than just implementing requests. We’re also regularly providing our own recommendations for improving site performance, conversion rates, and the overall user experience.

And the results speak for themselves. Our efforts to improve the mobile experience alone have helped to increase mobile transactions nearly 200% since we started working with Ratio.

While our recommendations are often based on our own experience and knowledge of industry best practices, we also look to the data for much of what we do. We’ve tagged the site with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to help paint a picture of what’s happening on-site. Additional analytics tools, like Hotjar for heat maps, provide even more insights. 

We break down this data each month, analyze it, and make recommendations based on our insights. Once implemented, we ensure things are performing as expected, then repeat the cycle!

52% increase in conversion rate year over year

One of our primary goals for Ratio has always been to increase conversions. While there are of course many factors that can impact this, our efforts have contributed to a dramatic increase in conversion rates year over year.

We've designed and developed custom landing pages, improved the flow of product pages, added blocks to show related products and promote popular accessories, implemented abandoned cart emails, and much more.

Some changes are bigger than others, but they all add up to an increasingly delightful experience.

Email Marketing

Collaborating on regular email marketing is another component of what we do with Ratio. When we first got started, we built out reusable email templates that are clean, modern, and on-brand. This helps to optimize the process of creating and sending any new campaign.

From there, we’ve implemented new email acquisition tools, automated campaigns, segmented marketing lists, abandoned cart emails, and more.

These efforts have all contributed to email conversion rates nearly 150% higher than the site average and an astounding 1,250% increase in revenue from email in 2019 compared to 2018.

"We like to focus on what we’re best at (designing and manufacturing the world’s best coffee makers). The e-commerce and digital arenas change so fast that it’s hard for us to be great at that as well. Foundry works quickly and creatively to solve problems, implement solutions, and test before going live. Tidy code and double checking the details matter to us, and this team has this dialed."
Mark Hellweg, Ratio Coffee

The Complete Package

Ratio takes full advantage of our wide range of services. In addition to design, development, analytics, and email support, we also photograph their beautiful coffee makers. These photos are used throughout the site, email campaigns, online advertising, and social media. Photography makes a huge difference in how your website looks and your brand is perceived online, and we've captured thousands of photos for the Ratio team.

Our Shared Success

All in all, we love working with the team at Ratio. Together, we've worked to grow their business by optimizing their digital presence across the board. And we're excited to see how it continues to grow in the years to come.

Check out the Ratio website here - and perhaps consider picking up one of their coffee makers for yourself (we definitely have)!

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