Smart Pickle

Building an Online Presence from the Ground Up

The owners of Smart Pickle, an AI driven restaurant marketing tool, came to us in the beginning of 2019 with a unique problem.

They had a full website, but since it's launch they had changed their name, moved away from their old branding, and needed to revise most of their content. We had several conversations together about their goals and the best plan to move them forward. After determining that their current site was far from the new image they were trying to cultivate as a company, we decided to move away from it entirely and start with a clean slate for the new site. We chose Statamic as their new CMS since it met all of their needs for a marketing site and was easier to manage and more streamlined than the platform they had been using. 


The company was in the process of working on a new logo and branding guidelines with a local graphic designer. These guidelines were a great starting point for the new look and feel, but were still relatively flexible in nature which gave us a lot of creative freedom to design a site we felt would set the brand apart in their industry.

Besides establishing standard brand colors and typography that would be used throughout the site, the guidelines also provided some interesting shapes and image concepts that continued to evolve as we launched into the design stage of the website.


Internally, we went through several iterations for the new Smart Pickle site before landing on a bold, green version that placed text, curved shapes, and iconography at the center of the design. Knowing that it would likely be some time before the company had specific branded imagery to put on their website, we opted to work photography in sparingly throughout the site, so that we wouldn't be required to lean on stock photography too heavily.


How it Works

Call to Action

When designing any website, we like to identify early on the primary action users should take when they are on the site. For eCommerce sites this tends to be easy, most businesses want the user to buy their products. And while Smart Pickle also has a product, the most important action for the users to take wasn't an immediate purchase, but instead to sign up for a free trial of the platform.

As a result, "Start Your Free Trial" language became the primary call to action or CTA. As we designed the flow of the site, we made sure that the copy and prominent buttons were focused on urging users toward this goal.

Final Development and Launch

After reviewing the site with the Smart Pickle team, we made some revisions based on their feedback and began development. Thanks in part to their trust of our process, their final site ended up holding true to our original design vision. The backend is built as an easy to update system, so making changes to text, imagery, etc. is something their team is able to easy handle without any knowledge of development.

Since the launch of this site we have continued to work with their team to update designs for the Smart Pickle app and continue to streamline the user experience of their platform. 

Interested in seeing how it turned out? Take a look at the live Smart Pickle website

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