Sugarpine Drive-In

Photographing Every Delicious Bite

Our work with Sugarpine Drive-In goes back to the very beginning. We started photographing their delicious food before they'd even opened their doors to the public.

While that may seem odd at first, working with Sugarpine before they had their first customer allowed them to build up excitement and launch with a library full of professional photography. They've used that library on social media, in the press, and on their website, promoting their delicious food without a single dollar spent on social advertising. And these days, that library of images (and their follower count) is in the thousands.

A Seasonal Strategy

We head over to Sugarpine for a photoshoot every 2 - 3 months, blocking out at least a few hours to capture it all. The goals are simple:

  • photograph new menu items
  • capture upcoming seasonal specials
  • provide a different take on classic menu items

Each season typically brings its own theme in terms of the setting. This helps to ensure that even the standard menu items have a fresh look and that photos don't have to be recycled to fill social feeds.

The result of each shoot is a collection of hundreds of images. We don't believe in limiting our clients to a set number of deliverables. Instead, we simply deliver the best photos from each scene, cropped and edited to look as good as they taste. This gives Sugarpine a variety of options from each shoot, making it easy to mix up their feeds, stories, and platforms.

108% more engagement than industry average

Recent studies have shown the average Food & Beverage Instagram account sees around a 1.7% engagement rate (that's likes and comments) on their posts.

Sugarpine's posts come in with an engagement rate around 3.5%. That's 2x higher than the average, though it's not hard to find posts regularly reaching engagement rates that are nearly 4x higher.

Consistency in posting is key, but quality content clearly plays a huge role.

Those kind of numbers aren't just luck. Sugarpine Drive-In has amazing food and service, which absolutely plays into their success. But they've also taken the time to plan their content strategy and engage their customers online. Combine that with our photography, and it's easy to see why they've organically grown their Instagram following to over 21,000 in less than 2 years.

The Signature Sugarpine Look

When you see a photo we've taken for Sugarpine, our goal is that you recognize it before you even see who shared it.

We collaborate with the Sugarpine team and our partners at Wilder Projects to deliver a signature look. This includes outside factors, such as the props and backdrops used as well as the lenses and angles we use while shooting and the style in which we edit.

This varies slightly, shifting with the seasons and menu, but the core look remains consistent from one session to the next.

"Foundry 503 have been our photographers since day one. We can attribute so much of our restaurant’s success to the amazing content we’ve built together. They necessitate the same care and intention that goes into the food we make everyday. Their photos are so consistent in capturing the color, texture & fine details that define our cooking."
Ryan & Emily, Sugarpine Drive-In

See It For Yourself

Wondering how it all came together? Check out some of our favorite photos below, and catch even more on Sugarpine's Instagram account. Beyond that, if you're in the Portland area you should simply go visit them - you won't regret it!

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