Information Architecture

Does your Content Spark Joy?

Whether you have an existing presence or are starting fresh, well organized content is critical to ensuring your website or app is easy to navigate.

Content is king, as they say. Most any website or app exists to deliver some form of content to its users - whether that’s information, products & services, media, and everything else in between. So we like to take some time to help you map out and lock in your information architecture before tackling wireframes and designs.

​Ok, but what is Information Architecture?

As a business you likely have a good idea of what you do and who you’re trying to reach, but translating that into a website or reorganizing an out-of-date system can be intimidating. Information architecture, or IA, refers to the way your website content is organized and labeled. Starting with your IA allows us to quickly refine and tweak the way your website will flow before we get into design and development. Saving you time and money in the long run. Take a look at a simple example flow below:

Making Ideas Tangible

We’ve worked with companies large and small to turn their abstract concepts into something usable on the web. From sorting through binders of copy to create a web friendly outline, to helping small business owners establish just what needs to go on their site in the first place, we can help you figure out where to start.

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