Wireframing & Design

From Napkin Sketch to Pixel Perfection

We are designers and developers, meaning we know just what it takes to create wireframes and mockups that translate well to code. 

Because of this unique skill set, we’re able to save many businesses a lot of time (and money), as there is no need for a handoff between designers and developers. We are able to optimize what needs to be designed in the first place, eliminate extra design phases and markup, and ensure designs move smoothly to code exactly as intended. This all adds up to simplified projects and shortened timelines.

What’s the difference between a wireframe and mockup?

Wireframes and mockups both serve a valuable purpose in designing for the web, historically working together in phases. In our process, some projects take advantage of both, while others jump to the design phase thanks to our optimized workflow.


Wireframes are a more basic visual representation of your project, with boxes and placeholder text that help you see the design in its simplest form without any distractions.

At Foundry 503, we typically reserve the wireframe stage for more complex projects where we anticipate multiple rounds of revisions or where wireframes would provide additional clarity.


Mockups contain your brand colors, imagery, and copy as well as more fine-tuned layouts, making them a better representation of how your site will actually look and feel.

For standard projects, we’re able to combine the wireframe process and the mockup stage giving you more bang for your buck and getting you a finished product faster.

Visualize It

Our design process takes full advantage of branding and style guides you already have in place. But we’re also able to help you develop these guidelines for the first time. By leveraging industry-leading tools like Sketch and InVision, our process is streamlined, modern, and efficient. Whether this is your first website, you need designs for a new landing page, or you have a great app idea, we’re ready to help make it happen.

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