Landing Pages

Because Your Home Page Only Goes So Far

Your campaign is unique. It has a theme, a message, and a goal. Where you send visitors from that campaign should reflect these things. 

 Unfortunately, landing pages are all too often overlooked by businesses in favor of a website’s home page or other top-level page. But if you’re investing in a campaign to drive traffic to your site, giving users the best experience possible should be a key component. 

 Landing pages give you the flexibility to create a page on your site to match the campaign you’re running. They allow you to focus on exactly the message your campaign is conveying. They can be built to vary depending on the traffic source or ad group. And they let you hone in on the most important call to action. That all adds up to higher conversion rates, improving the ROI of your campaign. 

How We Work

We want to make it as easy as possible to get a high-performing landing page for your next campaign. We start with a rapid design phase, utilizing your existing branding, website styles, and assets. From there, we’ll jump right into development.

If your site is on a CMS, we’re able to work within most popular systems to create a page that can be easily edited. We’re also able to hard-code one-off pages, use sub-domains, or create a full microsite for a larger campaign.

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Don’t Forget the Data

No campaign is complete without proper reporting and analytics in place. Our services include tagging and tracking, and we love to include that as part of every landing page project (though it is optional if you have your own systems in place). Not only does this improve your reporting on a current campaign, it can help inform optimizations on future campaigns as well.

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