Tagging & Tracking

Do You Know What Your Users Are Doing?

Understanding what’s currently happening on your website is essential in optimizing designs and performance. But getting to that data is not always easy. 

That’s where we come in. We’re well-versed in tagging websites and landing pages, both simple and complex, to ensure you’re getting accurate data and reporting. Having no data is bad, but having bad data can be far worse. 

 Collecting good data from the start gives you the best opportunity to make informed decisions, optimize website performance, and increase your bottom line. 

But What Does It All Mean?

Setting up proper tracking is just half the battle. Actually deciphering what it’s telling you is equally as important. It’s all too easy to take data at its face value, but dig a little deeper and you’ll often find there’s more to the story.

We’re fluent in analytics, meaning we know just where to look and what questions to ask. As a result, we’re able to translate a mountain of data into actionable insights. Sound interesting?

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A Wide Range of Tools 

Our suite of analytics tools encompasses a variety of technology. We utilize Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to gather and review performance data. We run heatmaps and clickmaps through Hotjar. We gather offsite performance via tools like Google Search Console and Google My Business. Together, these tools provide a wealth of data for us to analyze and report on.

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